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Delhi sends neighbours the wrong signal

All over the world, a country’s own national interest shapes its foreign policy, so why is there a role reversal in the case of India?


Wars in India: Looking back at history

War, as the word suggests, is an armed conflict. It is fought against external forces or between two opponents. In a democracy


Watch out for ‘Land of Morning Warning’

Japan is universally known as the Land of the Rising Sun and the Korean peninsula as the Land of Morning Calm. It is now time 


Why does Delhi allow Beijing to bully it?

What should have been a routine tri-nation peacetime annual naval drill in Indian waters suddenly turned volatile owing to the recent


Why is China trying to shift goalposts?

There is no doubt that the Sino-Indian border has become more problematic than what it was 100 years ago. And the bad news is that ...

Chinese subs for Dhaka: A new worry

Two developments in November linked to India’s strategic interests virtually went unnoticed owing to media hype on demonetisation in India and Donald 


The revenge of Chinese history

Beijing’s benign indifference to India’s demands to take a tough call on Islamabad’s role in terror makes things 
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