Have a desk job? Here's how to prevent sedentary lifestyle and stay fit


Are you one of those people who lives a sedentary lifestyle, which is a major cause of obesity and other health problems? Take note, being sedentary can harm you, even if you exercise. So, start taking steps toward an active lifestyle today.
Even so, you don't have to dramatically change your lifestyle within a day or week. Making small changes each day can help contribute towards a healthier lifestyle. There are numerous ways you can do that are simple, easy and can help you convert your sedentary lifestyle, without much efforts:
At home
Spare some time to take a walk – at least 30 minutes a day – This will help you reap a wealth of health benefits.
Take your kids out to the park and play with them. Outdoor activities are great both for your kids and will also help them avoid too much watching TV or video games, which enourage sedentary lifestyle and affect their well-being.
Do some stretching or walk around the house even while watching TV during ad breaks instead of switching channels.
Make a habit of washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen after dinner. By doing this, you're increasing your physical activity as you get up to clean the dinning table and sweep the floor.
Do some gardening – In fact the American Heart Association considers general gardening as one form of exercise that fall under the category of moderate-intensity physical activity.
At work
Make sure that you take a short walk-break, at least fro 15-20 minutes, from your work. Taking breaks at work seems to have many benefits – from improving memory and health to boosting creativity.
Take the stars instead of elevators – this is one of the best fitness kits your workplace can offer. Climbing stairs helps you lose weight and boosts your heart health.
Try to stand up at least every 20 minutes at work, particularly, if you have a desk job that requires you to sit.
Incorporate the above tips in your daily habits to start reaping the benefits of having an active lifestyle, which is key to staying healthy.