This can happen if you wear a tight shoe


The rust brown Kolhapuris and the tan brown brogues may look great on the mannequin but often while wearing these, we end up hurting our feet more than we realise. Donning stylish looks is no sin, but this may be affecting your toes, nails, ankles. Here's what they may be doing to you.
This bone deformity is most common among those who wear shoes that maybe suffocating their toe underneath. Bunions usually bring with them inflammation and throbbing pain.
These unkind guests can be like pricks under your feet if not taken care of in time. Wearing flats and shoes that do not provide a cushion and cause excess sweat maybe the key reason in development of these.
Athlete's foot
This is a fungal infection which is caused between toes and may lead to itching, burning sensation and acute pain. This is, however, caused if one walks barefoot in a public place, as this is contagious.
Hammer toes
This is a deformity which causes your toe to bend or get curled downwards rather than being straight. This may be caused due to wearing tight high heels, pointed heels or ill-fitting shoes.
Ingrown nails
These are caused due to wearing footwear that put pressure on the big toe. This can happen if the footwear is too narrow, too tight or too flat for one’s feet.
Back ache
A pair of footwear that does not save your foot from shocks with ample amount of cushion and arch to support it, will end up giving you a backache. Many of us don’t understand the importance of this till we experience back pain, often making us prone to chronic discomfort. This may even end up affecting our posture.
Skin at the edges of your foot starts to become thick or hard. These can occur at the bottom of your feet causing discomfort if you’re wearing a high-heeled or a non-cushioned shoe.
Frequent sprained ankles
Wrong kind of footwear can often cause imbalance. Footwear that does not affect the way you walk is the best way to prevent this from happening.
Stinky shoes
Tight, ill-fitting shoes can often lead to excess sweating of your feet causing them to stink even after you wash them. Footwear that do not let your feet breathe lead to smelly feet, even if you don’t wear any socks.