NYT suggests Modi to follow Sinha-led group’s recommendations


Srinagar, Apr 21: The New York Times in its editorial on Sunday suggested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to follow the recommendations of the 2016 report on Kashmir prepared by a visiting group of ‘concerned citizens’ led by BJP leader and former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha.
The editorial ‘Cruelty and Cowardice in Kashmir’ referred the recent by-poll violence and ‘human shield’ incident in Kashmir. Pointing out to Indian Army Chief’s warning to youth and militants: “They may survive today, but we will get them tomorrow. Our relentless operations will continue,” which he gave in February, the editorial reads that “Such posturing will only doom Kashmir to a deadly spiral, where more brutal military tactics will feed more despair and more militancy.”
The editorial goes on suggesting: “In January, a team of concerned citizens presented a report to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Citing strong feelings of discrimination and a “complete lack of faith” by Kashmiris in government promises, it pleaded for improved human rights and a multiparty dialogue aimed at a durable political solution. Mr. Modi’s government would do well to follow the recommendations of the report, before Indian democracy loses its credibility and Kashmiris are robbed of a chance to dream, along with the rest of India, of a peaceful, prosperous future.”