People unhappy with facilities at B&J Hospital; authorities contest complaints


Srinagar, Apr 20: The Bones and Joint (B&J) Hospital at Barzulla has its patients complaining against the lack of facilities.
Umar Ahmad of Rainawari, who had fractured his foot, said he was surprised to find out that the hospital has just one X-Ray unit.
“For hundreds of patients coming in every day, there is just one X-Ray unit. I had to wait for about two hours to get an X-Ray amid shooting pain,” he said.
“On top of that, the staff (manning the X-Ray unit) is totally unfriendly. They don’t listen to a word from a patient.”
Several patients and attendants said the hospital staff was not punctual.
“The women staff in the ultrasonography section usually arrives at 1pm,” Imran Nazir, whose father is undergoing treatment at the hospital, said.
“At night, the hospital, including its emergency services, is handed over to PG doctors. In fact, spotting senior doctors such as the Head of the Department during daytime is nearly impossible,” he said.
The patients said that there was no drinking water available at the hospital while the washrooms too were untidy.
There is no proper space for the attendants to have their meals, they said.
They said the hospital doesn’t even provide basic medicines to the patients, who are forced to purchase all drugs from the market.
Medical Superintendent concerned, Abdul Rashid Budoo, refuted the complaints, saying, “All facilities are upto the mark”.
“There might be some instances here and there, and we will definitely look into them on priority,” he said.
He said the hospital has installed water filters at different spots, and that the occasional shortage of drinking water was caused by people using the filtered water to clean their hands or stuff.
The washrooms, he said, were cleaned regularly, with many employees specially deputed to maintain the hygiene.
The hospital has “enough staff” of 15 consultants, 10 house surgeons, and 10 Postgraduate Doctors, he said. And they were always on time, he added.
He said that they have written to Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar for sanctioning one more fees counter to the hospital.