Malik equates Ganga, Madhav to Hitler, Mussolini


Srinagar, Apr 21: “Everything devilish is possible from the people whose forefathers took inspiration from tyrants like Mussolini and Hitler but these people should know that every fascist has his time but their fate is no different from what was of Hitler and Mussolini.” This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Yasin Malik while reacting to recent statements of BJP/RSS leaders Ram Madhav and C P Ganga in which both had said that killing and terrorizing Kashmiris was absolutely right thing to do.
Malik in statement said that, “it is a historical fact that the founders of RSS had met Mussolini and Hitler and were inspired by these enemies of humanity. Hitler and Mussolini killed people in gas chambers without any regret and today Ram Madhav and somebody called Ganga by issuing nonsensical statements are proving their fascist credentials.”
Yasin Malik said that as a matter of fact these fascists enjoy power today and can overpower anyone they intend to but it is equally a fact that their fate will also be like Hitler’s and Mussolini’s fate and last defeat will be theirs only.
He said that some non-entity called Ganga is saying that Kashmiris only deserve bullets and Ram Madhav justifying a Kashmiri being used as a human shield is saying that everything is fair in love and war. “Both these statements are a manifestation of their frustration and also a testimony to the fact that India has occupied Jammu Kashmir by its military might and is treating Kashmir as its colony and also is at war with the people of Kashmir.”