Suffering from bleeding gums? Eat these foods to prevent it!


Does your gums bleed often? Well, bleeding gums is caused by the buildup of plaque at the gum line which leads to inflamed gums or gingivitis.S
Bleeding gums could also be an indication of a periodontal or gum disease which should be taken care of immediately.
The best way to prevent bleeding gums is to add certain foods in the diet as it can help heal the gums and improve the oral health.
Here are a few foods which we should eat to prevent bleeding gums:
Vitamin C rich foods
One should include a lot of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in your diet to maintain healthy tissue in the gums and encourage healing as deficiency of Vitamin C often causes your gums to bleed.
Eat lots of apricots as they are a good source of beta-carotene which converts to vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A deficiency can also contribute to sore and bleeding gums. Even spinach and carrots are also good sources of beta-carotene.
Make sure that you drink at least two glasses of milk every day to prevent bleeding gums as you need calcium in your body to strengthen your gums.
Raw vegetables
Include lots of raw vegetables in your diet as it helps to improves the blood circulation in your gums, thus reducing bleeding of gums.
Because of its antibacterial properties, cranberries clean the gums of excess bacteria. And consuming cranberries can be a good way to stop bleeding gums.