Don't call them terrorists


The silence of the world in general, US and its allies in particular, over the persecution of Muslims in Burma has exposed their hypocrisy and two-facedness. America and its allies remain always in search of excuses for meddling into the affairs of other countries. But in Burma, the Trump administration has adopted criminal silence. America showed extraordinary promptness for military actions (direct or indirect) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Egypt but is yet to open its eyes and mouth on the bestial treatment of Muslims in Burma. The Myanmar (as Burma is known as now) military has gone on a rampage in Rakhine, burning homes, razing villages, intimidating, threatening and expelling the stateless Rohingya Muslims. Hundreds of Muslims including children and women have been killed, and women rape. Credible reports suggest that bodies have been burnt to destroy evidence. Many are desperately trying to escape to Bangladesh, which appears to have, at least for now, shed its hostility towards the influx and is letting them in. The silence of world powers (led by America) demonstrates that they are interested only when Muslims fight Muslims. Donald Trump, who own election on the promise of withdrawing all its soldiers from Afghanistan, has now decided to send more troops into Kabul to help Ashraf Gani government fight against Taliban. In Syria, Libya and Yemen where Muslims fight Muslims America is militarily involved to support one or the other group. In Egypt where Al Sisi government has crossed all limits of tyranny in crushing the country’s most popular religious-political organization Ikhwan ul Muslimoon, America feeds the like its dearest baby. But it little matters for the United States if it is any other religious or ethnic group persecuting Muslims. Had this been a Muslim extremist group involved, the world would have been in uproar. It seems important for the Security Council to call an emergency meeting following Kim Jong’s nuclear tests but somehow remains trivial to condemn the Burmese authorities. The double standards of Suu Kyi and the world at large are the painful reality of mankind. Rohingya Muslims’ rights are severely curtailed in Myanmar—they can’t practise their religion (Islam) freely, cannot meet in large gatherings, face discrimination when they look for work, and there are restrictions on the number of children they can have. They are not included in the census, and they do not have voting rights. In June, Myanmar didn’t let UN investigators visit Rakhine. The Rohingya Muslims are being savagely slaughtered at the hands of the Burmese military and the world is, yet again, a witness to another ethnic cleansing. No call for sanctions or even investigations for crimes against humanity is being heard. The small efforts made by the United Nations remain futile as the Burmese authorities refuse visas and restrict movement to the crisis hit areas. The most ironical part of it is that this inhuman treatment of Muslims is carried out by none other than Aung San Suu Kyi a Nobel peace laureate. Commonly perceived to be the de-facto leader of Burma, this so called human rights and peace advocate has turned a blind eye towards her government’s atrocities against the Rohingya Muslims. The Burmese military remains occupied with rape, murder and arson against the Rohingya Muslims whom they label as terrorists and all Suu Kyi can state is that ethnic cleansing is too strong a word to be used for the Rohingya crisis. The criminal silence of the world is bound to make Burmese Muslims feel lonely. The feeling of loneliness would feed them idea of fighting it on their own. That would give rise to yet another Muslim movement on the globe. Don’t call them terrorists then. They are fighting for their survival.