Govt departments flout transfer policy


Srinagar, Sep 12: The government departments have been flouting the transfer policy by premature transfers or retaining officials more than two years.
As per government’s official transfer policy of 2010, an employee should spend, at least, two years at a specific position before being transferred.
It says that all the employees having more than two years of stay at a particular place shall be transferred,
The policy allows premature transfers only if it is in the interest of the public or administration, or when the employee underperforms or has health issues.
However, various departments have not been following the transfer policy either by premature transfer of officials or retaining employees for years at a specific post, official sources said.
Sources said that premature transfers have been common in most of the government departments.
The government has issued several directives to department in the last one year to adhere the transfer policy. “The Health, Education, Rural Development, Social Welfare, Housing and Urban Developments have not followed the transfer policy,” an official of the General Administration Department, said.
The authorities at the Rural Development Department issued an order in May this year that many of the officers are serving for longer duration in the districts.
“It has been observed that the district level officers don’t follow the instructions of transfer policy circulated by the General Administration Department under government order no 861-GAD of 2010 dated 28 July 2010 wherein it has been ordered that all the employees having more than two years of stay at a particular place shall be transferred,’’ the order reads.
The Education Department has also issued several premature transfer orders. Sources said that chief education officers of various districts have issued mid-session transfer orders, in violation of the transfer policy.
As per the transfer policy of the school education department, no transfer of teaching staff is allowed during mid-session.
However, the authorities of the School Education have directed officials to stop these transfer orders.
Earlier, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti pulled up the school education department for violation of the transfer policy.
In the last two years, the J&K government has prematurely transferred at least 2,000 of its employees.
Official documents reveal that the shuffled lot includes top-rung IAS and KAS officers, doctors, engineers, cops, teachers, and hundreds of middle and lower-rung administrative employees working in different departments.
In less than two years, over 60 IAS officers, the documents reveal, were transferred—many even twice, thrice or four times—before completing their tenures at a certain position.
Minister for Rural Development Department, Abdul Haq Khan, said that the government has issued directives to departments to ensure transfer policy is followed. "Where ever it is being found that transfer policy is not being followed, directives are being issued to departments," Khan, who is a senior PDP minister, said.