After AG, DGP censures administration for overall inefficiency


Srinagar, Sep 12: After Auditor General (AG) drew a grim picture of the administration, the J&K police chief too has censured the state government for not completing projects on time.
The Director General of Police, S P Vaid, took on the administration for its inefficiency.
“Unfortunately, let me admit, every scheme and its implementation is very slow in J&K for various reasons,” he said on the sidelines of a seminar on juvenile justice recently.
“For instance, in the whole country, the 108 scheme for calling an ambulance has been implemented. Funds were equally released to the state (J&K), but it (the scheme) has not been implemented.”
In further embarrassment to the administration, the DGP said he was being told that 108 new ambulances were brought but never used.
“Today you, as a citizen, want to call an ambulance, but you don’t have the facility. The same number of ambulances must have been bought for J&K as well. Not implementing the (ambulance) scheme is criminal. Public money is being wasted. Why don’t we implement this (sic),” he said.
The DGP, while referring to the implementation of the Juvenile Justice Act, said, “There are many stakeholders who have not done anything.”
“You need to have special homes for the children. When there are no homes, what will a policeman do? Where will he keep the juveniles? You need counsellors for them. Social Welfare Department has to play its role,” he said.
Vaid said he had brought the matter into the notice of the Chief Secretary, who will hold a review meeting on it.
Back in July, Hoveyda Abbas, the state’s Accountant General (Audit), had, on similar lines, accepted that projects and schemes in J&K took longer to complete.
“I have served in several states, but works take much longer to complete in J&K for various reasons. The politics, strategic location, and work culture matter a lot.
“The system is there, but it does not work. If you look at our last three to four years’ audits, you will find a lot of deficiencies and loopholes. They would have been taken care of had there been a proper monitoring system in the departments and other government bodies,” Abbas had told The Kashmir Monitor.