Work culture and work ethics: A Way to Progress

People have hopes, they have expectations, they want you to reply their queries, why they will come again and again for the same file, same problem to visit your office.

Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage Greg Harris
Human beings are curious to become successful in all spheres of life. So they choose their profession and most of them are not born successful and many of them create themselves and reach to their goal. Every individual is gifted with unique talents and unique characteristics. They are highly influenced by their culture, environment, family, traditions and religion. Few people follow their dreams, accomplish something great, and inspire people with their dedication and commitment. These days when there are limited jobs, people have less choices to enter in a profession of their choice. However, some change their taste according to their power they achieve. They pretend to be humble and modest to the outside world but they are as arrogant as can be and they never achieve greatness, although they are blindly accepted by few people in the society. These people don’t inspire any because they never believe that reality can be shaped in their minds. Actually, these people reach there by what is known as blind luck. This type of category has bad followers and cripples the society, institutions, organizations in which they work. They are the people who will prefer to do nothing but to get their salary credited in their accounts. If they are assigned a particular job, the will not do it honestly and sincerely. The will always hunt for the other ways to get it done. Whether they are posted on any important duty or they have social dealings they have bunch of excuses not to do their work. A person on railway reservation counter at a particular time is very important for a person who has to make tatkal reservation. When the same person will cite the reason that computer is not working, internet has failed, start making the reservation of nears and dears by neglecting the other people who came from far flung areas and have no option, disappointment and breach of trust is expected. If a patient is dying with pain and doctors are coming to duty two hours late and leave one hour before in rural areas, agitations are obvious. Imagine a situation of a poor parent who is desirous to give his wards education and want to shine them in every field of life, but is not able to do so, because the teacher has not visited the classroom in government funded institutions. Ask an illiterate sister or mother who has to visit the office without knowing anything about the whereabouts of the office, but on reaching there, sees her file in a dustbin. The list is endless and the answer is same: work not done.
Inspiration comes from the people who are committed and dedicated as I write this article I remember the inspiration that I got from one of my supervisors during my M.Sc. dissertation. I learned a lot from him, his dedication, commitment, patience and his behaviours with the students and co works was really unique. Dr Anil Dhar, then Joint Director, CSR&TI Pampore worked from morning till evening to correct my dissertation without taking frequent breaks, without making any excuses, without any discrimination whether I belong to a rich or poor family. People like him are motivation for people like me. Dr Dhar practically taught his employees that if you are regular and develop the talent to follow through you will be miles ahead of the crowd. There are number of such examples in valley and also there are many who does not compete with itself and certainly with no outside parties and will never inspire you. It is human nature, if you do not compete - you stagnate.
The ability to prioritize time determines the productivity and effectiveness of person. People need to do work in their offices to bring revolution and make society better and don’t spend their time democratically. Equally important they must give time to the family and close friends but must not forget the rights of society too. But, at least, when the human beings especially, people working in public sector are in their offices, they need to promote work culture. Adhering with social networking sites in the office during work time is not a healthy sign of work culture. It is very tragic to see employees busy with social networking sites on mobile phones and a person waiting for hours to get his work done by the concerned offical. Remember, social media when not well managed opens the door to numerous risks and poor work culture which is also against the ethics of work environment. Social skills are very necessary and dealing with people is more important when it comes to being successful and productive. Spread your ideas and build the network you need to succeed but that must be on based on traits that you are capable like charismatic and confident people.
People have hopes, they have expectations, they want you to reply their queries, why they will come again and again for the same file, same problem to visit your office. They have to feed their family too. Poor people have to work morning till evening; they have no holidays like you. Get their work done if you are capable to do so and if not say them no in a polite way. Listen them patiently and direct them towards a better and honest person who can handle them and guide them and do not waste their precious time. Remember, if we are ready, we can build a much more wonderful society based on love, sincerity, hard work, dedication and commitment to promote work culture.
(The writer teaches at department of Environmental Science, ITM University, Gwalior)