Have Faith and Never Give Up!

(We never know how close we are......
Our serious efforts can conquer the best of dreams)

Translation- “Develop the self to the level so that before every decree, God will ascertain from you: “What is your wish?”
Going down the memory lane, there are some experiences to share that how one’s own courage and belief system can change the course of terrible winds. Where there is a will, there is a way. Rightly said, “No matter what kind of challenges or difficulties or painful situations we go through in our life, we all have something deep within us that we can reach down and find the inner strength to get through them”. As soon as my successful schooling era was over, I became more passionate to play the game of cricket. On one occasion a ball was hit hard on my leg and gave me serious troubles. Our paradise Kashmir valley, well known for its beauty of seasons is volatile also and the situation is hardly predictable there. Alas! There was a big explosion in my home town and a great panic took place there. The people were running here and there and trying to find a safe place for shelter. I also had to jump from a school wall to reach to a safer place. But the jump went false and gave me more trouble. I was bed ridden for months long and my condition became critical. Some of the doctors gave me wrong clues for my ailment. But there are doctors who have all magic touch with them to uplift patients’ spirits. In my case, prominent Gynecologist, Dr. Mehrajdin Bakhtawar with high motivation, good treatments and friendly approach could again bring me to good health despite the veteran doctor belongs to a different field. I had to badly suffer with my studies because of my ailment and subsequent bed rest. There was a dent in my interest for science subjects and could hardly cope up my studies again. But it was an indication for bad preparations for my preferred future. A good change was required. I had to suffer all the odds (resistance from family, friends’ etc.) to change my college and stream from science to arts discipline. I had to bring a lot of motivation to make things count and then take studies more seriously. I scored much better in the first year in the college and tried to be equally active in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. There was no looking back in the college and earned all good support from the dynamic college Professors and friends. I was always high on their expectation level and that kept me going strong and strong. Soon after my graduation, I scored third rank in the University qualifying exam and joined a professional degree course. We received fine trainings by the young and enthusiastic University Professors. I carried different notion of the University Professors till I joined an MBA Programme where our teachers were true mentors and more of friends. At a University level, the friends there have attained more maturity levels, and from them, one learns the best things for life.
Allah (s.w.t.) had a plan for us before we were born, and He still has a plan for us. Allah’s plan for us is essential and splendid. I was fulfilling a 10 days religious obligation in Kashmir inside one Mosque. I received a phone call there from outside State from one of my good friend asking me to join him and think of higher studies. I packed my baggage very soon and reached to a State that was new and strange to me. Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place. It was a dream come true to be enrolled for PhD programme under an eminent academician and Management Guru, Professor Yogesh Upadhyay. I encountered a lot of myths regarding PhD degree completion, supervisor support, thesis writing, thesis check, research paper writing etc. Sometimes I was the king of heavens pursuing a PhD degree and sometimes having no clues about my future. I managed my resources well based on uncertainties of my degree and many family pressures. Rightly said, that discipline is learnt in the school of adversity. I travelled unreserved mostly in general berths in trains. I managed my life by occupying small and cheap rented rooms with walls crying immense heat in summer. But I was blessed to have a supportive supervisor with strengths in terms of wealth of knowledge; bring happiness and greater motivations. A great leader inspires and leads by examples. I could remember my supervisor working sleepless for nights long and giving us all reasons to work harder and harder. I believed in being transparent, doing hard works and next having immense faith in God’s power. I could remember accessing mails and calling to my supervisor using cell phone inside a mosque premises hoping favorable response from my supervisor. I was never disheartened by Allah and completed my PhD in a minimum time period required for completion of the degree. The great teacher holds a more superior position in my life. Not only he made me job fit, but gave me some of the worthy lessons for life. I was blessed to find shelter in families who were poor in monetary terms but have big heart and treated me as a family member.
Soon after the completion of my PhD, I got a job in my own State. To be a motivated teacher, students have a higher role. I was blessed to find students who always touched my heart. The world itself is temporary, what is the point to think of only govt. and permanent job? I got married without thinking of any govt. job in hand. I am now blessed with a son. I got promotions in a quick time but some change in govt. policy left me clueless and pressed me to leave the job urgently.
Allah had some good intentions and took me to the State again where I had completed my PhD degree. I joined one of the top Private universities in the State. It was like a dream come true. Every day is a day to learn new things here. I got huge support from the management, colleagues and my lovely students. I learnt team spirit and work professionally and carry University experience of about five years. But my health issues forced me to think differently. I returned to my home State and my situation became very critical. I was bed ridden for a period of six months. It was not only a testing time for me but to my whole family as well. My mother and wife had to suffer a lot. I was sleepless for months long with unbearable pain. It looked like the world has stopped for me. But Allah gives you pain to make you strong, to make you realize the worth of ones who needs you most. I was blessed to find support from my family, friends, and relatives and my near and dear ones. Allah makes you suffer but He has always solutions ready for your sufferings. In my case, I could find a great doctor who not only treated me well but shattered many myths about the ailment. Dr. Riyaz Saif, a prominent doctor in Jammu and Kashmir with humble nature could easily read the patients ailment and treats them to perfection. The great quality doctors should develop is to bring confidence and listen to patients keenly rather than looking solely on profit margins. Researchers have found that patients who feel that their doctor has made a genuine empathetic connection- will actually experience a reduction in pain. If a patient feels they are being cared for by the right doctor who has taken an interest in their wellbeing, their body will suppress their awareness of the pain and they will experience a faster recovery. On the other side, the stress of having a bad doctor who doesn't show an interest can actually prolong the patient's suffering. Empathy is a very powerful tool in the hands of a good doctor. I had also good support from my dear friend Dr. Ali Imran at AIIMS to check my progress every time I needed him. A friend in need is a friend indeed and my beloved friend Maulvi Abas, was there at every step with me. I am yet to find peak of my health again but could not wait to join my job again. I am submissive to all the assignments that come my way although finding hard to cope up every time. But my colleagues and friends always lend me a good support.
Life is full of challenges and we must grasp it. Life every time is not a bed of roses and we must accept this as a bitter truth. Nothing good comes easy. One has to continuously push the efforts button on. “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well” (Theodore Roosevelt).
My little son suffered some minor injury when he was learning some exercises. He didn’t stopped and insisted me to take a race with him but he was in pain. I have all reasons to be only second to him in a short race and his response gave me a million lessons. “Papa I have won the race for God gave me an injury and I am in pain. God always have best things in store for anyone who is in pain”. We should have strong faith in Allah. But some people may opportunistically argue, when the results are destined, why to work hard? It is with this notion they become irresponsible and negative. Destiny determines the results of our actions, not our actions themselves. Don’t keep everything in God’s grace, He has given us all capacities to realize and make full use of the potential. Life is really short, and it's important to enjoy it and embrace whatever comes our way, whether it's a hectic day or an exciting one, just welcome it with open heart. No matter who we are, we can't escape challenges; they are part of life. Moreover, there is no limit to the wishes one can have. The more money and happiness we have, the more we wish to have. True satisfaction means the contentment of mind. If the mind is satisfied with what it has, it is happy and this happiness will be long lasting.
Have Faith and Never Give Up. We never know how close we are...... Our serious efforts can conquer the best of dreams.
(The author is serving as Assistant Professor, ITM University Gwalior and can be reached at: [email protected])