Braid chopping: Women Commission for examination of sprays allegedly used on victims


Srinagar, Oct 12: The State Commission for Women (SWC) on Thursday asked the state government to investigate the quality of sprays allegedly used by the braid choppers on the victims.
The SWC Chief, Nayeema Ahmad Mehjoor, told The Kashmir Monitor that the commission has asked the government to investigate through the Health Department about any possibility of long term impact of these sprays on the victims.
“The government, through Health Department, should also clear the air about the chemical spray and its adverse health impacts in the long run, as the rumours are troubling some sections of population,” she said.
The SWC on Thursday held an open session with the members from civil society, police, and academics.
The session was convened to get the perspective from various sections of the society about the mysterious braid chopping in Kashmir.
Nayeema said that the Commission has asked the government to involve and associate the State Women’s Commissions in the cases related to braid chopping.
The SWC chief during the session told the police representative that the act of braid chopping was being committed by “criminal elements” irrespective of the notion of mass hysteria.
“The representative from the police informed me that around hundred such cases have been reported from different districts of the valley in which FIRs have been lodged. The top brass of the police need to sensitize their officials at the middle, lower rung to take the incidents of braid chopping very seriously,” she said.
Nayeema informed the police that the confusion and chaos over braid chopping has the potential to vitiate situation in Kashmir.
“It is important for the police restore the shaken faith and confidence of the people in the system,” the SWC chief said.
Nayeema also appealed the people to cooperate with the police by divulging details of the incidents.
“The people may also inform the Commission on email, should any such incident come to their notice,” she said in a statement.
The SWC chief also said that the commission would visit to the victims to get ‘insight’ into these cases
“Now our next step will be to contact the victims. We will seek answers from them and accordingly act to ensure safety of women,” she said.