NGOs seem uninterested in dog business


Srinagar, Jan 12: No Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has come forward to take up the job of dog catching and their sterilisation, which the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) had advertised in November.
In a notification, the SMC, on November 28, sought assistance of local NGOs, registered with Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), for sterilisation of the stray canines.
The notification, however, has not found any takers, as no trained vat or NGO turned up to submit their particulars for the job.
The SMC’s Veterinary Officer, Javed Ahmad Rather, told The Kashmir Monitor that they might reschedule the notification to invite professional for this job.
“We didn’t get any response for the notification so far. We will wait further for few days or will re-issue the notification in media,” he said.
Rather said that they would have to tie up with SKUAST in case the corporation didn’t get tenders from NGO’s or Vats.
“This is the only option we have to ensure sterilisation of dogs during summer season. We will resume the process soon but for that we are waiting whether the project will be taken up by any NGO,” he said.
The SMC under this contract had decided to hand over the entire responsibility of curbing the dog menace to the private parties or NGOs.
As per the notification, the NGOs and Vats would have to follow the guidelines, principles, procedures with regard to lifting, pre-operative care, anti-rabies vaccination, ear notching for identification and release of dogs as prescribed in SOPS by AWBI.
Apart from sterilisation, the SMC in the notification has asked the NGOs, Vats to maintain the records of the dogs from pick up to their release as well.
Earlier in October, SMC had also issued an advisory for people to evade attacks from canines, which evoked huge criticism from various quarters.
Presently the SMC is sitting over its process of sterilisation of canines.
The 2012 census revealed about the presence of 50,000 dogs. More than 50,000 dog bite cases have been reported in the valley in the past four years.
Further 12 dog-bite related deaths also occurred during last five years.