Killing sitting ducks


Last year in the night of Qadre (Lailatul Qadri) a police officer of DSP rank (Ayub Pandit) was lynched to death by an irate mob outside Srinagar’s Jamia Masjid. The killing had provoked serious resentment and condemnation across the spectrum—political and otherwise. The Dy SP was a resident of nearby Nowpora locality. He was beaten to death when he was on security duty outside the mosque. This year the same night two policemen were shot dead by unknown gunmen in Pulwama. The two hapless victims were guarding the district court complex of Pulwama. Just like Ayub Pandit, the Pulwama victims were also done to death when people were busy in offering late night prayers (Taraveh Namaz). The victims were in no way connected with anti-militancy operations that could have invited wrath for them. They were killed like sitting ducks. For a while shun all biases and imagine what catastrophe their families might be going through. On the event of I’d when whole Ummat is preparing for celebrations, their families are in mourning. How would families come to terms with what they have been subjected to. We often complain of ‘barbarity’ of government forces and believe that God’s wrath would finally take on the perpetrators. But when we at as perpetrators of such crimes, we expect God to ignore our sins. Criminal is a criminal. God does not differentiate between criminals on the basis of their religion or claim. In the eyes of Allah any person killing other person without a just cause is as if he killed the whole humanity. He has made no distinction of the killer or killed to which religion or sect he belonged.
The holy night has been termed as Night of Power, blessings and forgiveness because the eminent Quran descended in it. The Quran is peace by itself, this being so, the Night in which this Divine Book was sent down is worthy of great esteem. During this night the Angels and the Heavenly spirit (Hazrat Gibreel Alai-his-Salam) descend. Their nearness to earth gives a spiritual luster to the hearts and souls of the believers. In Sahi Muslim and Bukhari , Abu Huraira (RA) narrated that the Prophet (P.B.U.H) said, “Whoever stands (in prayer) in Laylat al-Qadr while nourishing his faith with self-evaluation, expecting reward from Allah, will have all of his previous sins forgiven.” Just imagine what happened in this night, this year or the previous year, happened. These are not some isolated incidents. Earlier too many people have been killed for being easy targets. The killing of five policemen guarding a cash van of Jammu and Kashmir bank some months back is a case in point. It is very sad to note that the situation in Kashmir is going back to 90s-like. These are the actions that militant groups used to indulge in 90s that ultimately gave rise to Ikhwan and other counter-insurgent groups. It were these counter-insurgent groups that damaged the militant movement the most. This has brought back the fear of 90s. It was expected that the militant leadership might have learnt lessons from the past. An influential section of militant leadership of 90s is still at the helm of affairs. They know it more than anyone else as how damaging it is to go against the common people. The political leadership of that era is also there. Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik, who are leading the ongoing movement under the banner of joint resistance leadership (JRL), know it well what this anarchy would ultimately leader. The JRL should not maintain silence merely for some political considerations. It is their religious as also milli duty to forlorn and forewarn people from indulging in such criminal acts that, in the end, damage the movement they stand for. Syed Ali Geelani has fearlessly issued such statements in the past. He should take the lead now too.